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2/22/15 - A less-than punctual welcome to the new year from Fifth Dimension! We hope you've been keeping up on Facebook; if you haven't, we have some exciting news! First off, we will be releasing Chasing Sokaris' EP "Branches" on March 20th coinciding with their release show in Pennellville, NY at Monirae's Casual Dining & Entertainment. A huge thanks to Regeneration Media for organizing and promoting the show as well as the release. We have also been working hard on finishing up "The Mountain's Roots" EP by The Reality Tree for release later this year while The Gaia Theory are in the process of writing material; stay tuned for updates on both of them. Not only all this, but we have a new artist to announce at the top of the month and the return of an old friend who will make waves in the local hip hop scene as well! Stay tuned for more news to come! 

11/6/14 - Fifth Dimension is proud to have teamed up with Regeneration Media! Not only are they one of the best companies at what they do, but they are a local outfit. It's great to see our local music scene strengthening and working together! There are so many great shows coming up including the NonPoint show on December 8th and Asking Alexandria's show on December 22nd, both at the Exhibition Hall at the Watertown Fairgrounds (both being Amp Entertainment events)! You can check out Chasing Sokaris, one of the bands on our roster, at the NonPoint show. Don't miss it! We also will be unveiling some news on a couple new bands joining our team and some releases coming in the near future! Stay tuned CNY and keep rocking!

10/6//14 - Well that was one crazy weekend! Congratulations to Armed with Valor for taking first place in the North Country Battle of the Bands! Every act that competed not only put on a great performance, they also worked hard to promote the show and sell tickets to contribute toward the prizes given away. Armed with Valor walked away with $600.00, 20 hrs of studio time from Up Country Studios and more! Out Chasing Lions placed second and received $175.00, some custom merch and $75.00 from Musicology. Spire, from Syracuse, NY placed 3rd and received $120.00 and $75.00 from Musicology. Each act that placed will also be featured in a Fifth Dimension press review and will be highlighted in Fourth Coast Entertainment Magazine. We even have some surprises in store for all the the other acts who competed on Saturday. Great job everyone!

Alice Has fallen
Glen Street
Only the Chosen
Dance the Hempen Jig
Universal Transit

Special thanks to Chasing Sokaris and the touring bands who came in, It Lives, It Breathes, an the Nearly Deads! 

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible and everyone who worked hard on Saturday and weathered the storm with us! 
Special thanks to our judges, who took a lot of time and consideration into judging the competition fairly. Thanks to Christine Collins, JP Fitzgerald, Matthew Corey, Matt Caustic and Stacy Pratt for hanging out all day and doing such a great job! 

Thanks go out to the Fifth Dimension Crew - 

Nick Barcolmb
Paul S Boliver 
Robert J Finch 
Dalton Hall 
Dan Mariano 
Allen Leclair 
Ryan Shippe
Dustin Wright
Ray Stevens 
Christopher Welch 

Thank you to every one else who contributed and helped promote the show including but not limited to Jon Hutt, Chris Davenport, and Steve Strader. 
Don't forget all of our sponsors - 

94Rock WOTT
SNG Sound
Waterown Daily Times
Regeneration Media
Up Country Studios
Clay Pigeon Studios 
Alex Hunkins Custom Guitars 
Fourth Coast Entertainment Magazine
Party Rental 
Highway Legends Car, Truck and Bike Club

Last but not least, Thank you WATERTOWN for coming out and supporting local music and arts! It was amazing to see everyone and we even made the news! 

We'll see you all again at next years, Arts on the Avenue!

9/1/14 - Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of the annual event, Arts on the Avenue! If you're a vendor, entertainer, artist or if you would like to donate, please contact us today! We are bringing together a great collection of musicians and artists alike as we help raise money for the development of music and arts in the North Country!  Join us, 94Rock WOTT and many others; including but not limited to, Musicology on State Street, Highway Legends Car and Bike Club, Alex Hunkins Custom Guitars, Upcountry Studios, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, Clay Pigeon Studios and many more! We will be holding the North Country Battle of the Bands and having a performance by a National Act to be announced this week! Stay tuned for more info! - Arts on the Avenue - October 4th, 2014 759 Starbuck AVe.

8/12/14 - We would like to thank everyone that came out to our BBQ and Photo Shoot last weekend! Special thanks to Danielle Tinkelman for hanging out with us all day and getting a lot of great photos of the bands. Also a huge thanks goes out to Nicholas Barcomb for catering and to everyone that drove out and helped in any way!  

Don't forget to sign up for the North Country Battle of the Bands! Hosted by 94 Rock WOTT and brought to you in part by Musicology! We will announce the line up for the battle soon as well as the National Act! More updates will be posted soon as there is a ton of stuff in the works!  Thanks North Country, you ROCK! 

7/11/14 - Fifth Dimension Records is proud to be a part of the ever-expanding music community here in Watertown and the entire Upstate NY region. There is so much talent and a wide variety of musicians and bands in the area. It is possible to find music anywhere you go, whether you are into old school jam bands like Universal Transit, Wagner's Agenda, or The Way Down Wailers or if you're looking for some great original modern rock and roll with bands like Caustic Method, Lake Effect Mud, and Autumn's Last Fall. Heavy hitters Maps of War, Bullet Buffet, Landslide Victory, Promising Coraline, and Anatta are a few of the great acts in the metal and hardcore scenes. Out Chasing Lions, Wakko Sick, and Out 2 Tax are some up and coming rap and hip hop artists in the area. We are branching out to help promote local artists, bands and all other talented artists this area has to offer

We have a lot of cool events and shows in the works for bands on our label as well as other bands from around the Upstate area; not to mention some great national acts in the near future. We have also teamed up with some local promoters to help bring the music community together and showcase new bands. Jon Hutt (Jon the Hutt) has been doing great work for the music community by bringing bands and people together. Jon is behind the Thoughts in Reverse show advertised on the site. Steve Strader of Northern Tier Booking has also contributed a lot of positive energy by setting up local shows and will be another asset to our team. Last but not least, tomorrow we will be making an announcement regarding a new band that has impressed and inspired us. They are hard workers, true musicians, and have a unique original sound. We will spill the beans on Friday night right before Local Licks on 94.1 Rock WOTT.

6/21/14 - Today we announce our signing with The Gaia Theory. We discovered them at the Fun on the Farm event a few weeks ago at Chris Davenport's in Stones Mills, NY, where they played along with now-labelmates The Reality Tree. The Gaia Theory mix melodic death metal with just the right amount of groove! We look forward to bringing you a full length album along with a tour to kick things off later in the year. 

 We are also excited to announce the final stages of recording for Blaming Hollywood! We will be recording here at Fifth Dimension and mixing and mastering with Jim Fogarty at Zing studios! More news to come soon from the other bands, and stay tuned for upcoming announcement on a brand new solo artist from VA.
Remember that we are now also sponsoring Local Licks on 94.1 Rock Wott! Send us your demo to get played Friday nights at 11 p.m. on 94.1 FM. Last but not least, we would like to give a shout out to some awesome dudes in CHASING SOKARIS! Their new EP Branches is brutal! Make sure to check them out at
Until next time, Upstate -- Keep rockin'!

5/1/14 - The Tesseract Altered State North America Tour with Cloudkicker and Intonaut was outstanding! We caught the show last Sunday at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Everyone stood and watched as the bands wielded their picks and sticks to perfection.  Opening local artist Joe Gareri  put on one hell of a show along  with his fellow band mates, showcasing  great licks, fun rhythms and key changes which set the tone for the touring acts. We also got to meet Tesseract's new singer Ashe O'Hara and made some new connections in the Poughkeepsie and NYC areas. Today we are in NJ getting a little r & r and working on some planning for the next few months. We will be back in Poughkeepsie on the 20th to see Animals as Leaders hosting the Joy of Motion Tour also at The Chance. What a great way to kick off the summer! We'll be back in NY this weekend, See you then!

4/25/14 - Make sure to get your free download of the long awaited debut single Remind Me by Alienaura! Tour dates will be announced in late fall. Stay tuned for more news from Alienaura, Blaming Hollywood, and The Reality Tree! 

Free Download:

4/20/14 - Happy Easter 420 everyone!  We have been hard at work with the bands in the studio and preparing for all the big events to be held this summer!  We also had a great time at the Blaming Hollywood show held at the Columbia in Utica and would like to thank everyone who participated in the show and came out to support the bands!  Get ready NY, this summer is gonna ROCK!

3/25/14 - Everyone is still recovering from March 22, a night of diverse, original music at Shootie's in Watertown. THE REALITY TREE played alongside Dance the Hempen Jig (classic punk), 40 Dead Men (hardcore punk), and Omnipresent (death metal). Thanks go out to everyone who made the show a success and everyone who made it out to support local music! 

3/11/14 - Fifth Dimension bands are busy this month! THE REALITY TREE will be playing at Shootie's in Watertown, NY on March 22, and BLAMING HOLLYWOOD has been in the studio doing pre-production for their upcoming LP. 

2/16/14 - Today we add another great band to our roster! Watertown natives THE REALITY TREE  have joined our team. They will record their EP, The Mountains Roots, here at the FDR Studio in the near future, and you can catch them playing all over upstate NY in the meantime. Stay tuned for more info!

2/10/14 - We are pleased to announce that we have signed Syracuse's  BLAMING HOLLYWOOD! We will produce a full length LP with them over the next few months and will post previews soon. In the meantime , check them out on FaceBook and catch their next show at the Spring for All Festival in Utica on April 12! More info will be released soon , and remember: They're BLAMING HOLLYWOOD, and you should too!