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Fifth Dimension Recording Studio and Label is currently accepting submissions from artists of all musical and spoken word genres. Submissions may be sent to or dropped off at the studio on the south side of Starbuck Plaza. If we like what we hear, we will contact you within ten days. Even if your demo is not selected for our label, we encourage you to consider Fifth Dimension for future recording needs. Our musical coaches and producers can help you develop your sound and possibly land a future spot on our roster. We appreciate your interest in our label, and we thank you for supporting local music!


4/20/14 - Happy Easter 420 everyone!  We have been hard at work with the bands in the studio and preparing for all the big events to be held this summer!  We also had a great time at the Blaming Hollywood show held at the Columbia in Utica and would like to thank everyone who participated in the show and came out to support the bands!  Get ready NY, this summer is gonna ROCK!

3/25/14 - Everyone is still recovering from March 22, a night of diverse, original music at Shootie's in Watertown. THE REALITY TREE played alongside Dance the Hempen Jig (classic punk), 40 Dead Men (hardcore punk), and Omnipresent (death metal). Thanks go out to everyone who made the show a success and everyone who made it out to support local music! 

3/11/14 - Fifth Dimension bands are busy this month! THE REALITY TREE will be playing at Shootie's in Watertown, NY on March 22, and BLAMING HOLLYWOOD has been in the studio doing pre-production for their upcoming LP. 

2/16/14 - Today we add another great band to our roster! Watertown natives THE REALITY TREE  have joined our team. They will record their EP, The Mountains Roots, here at the FDR Studio in the near future, and you can catch them playing all over upstate NY in the meantime. Stay tuned for more info!

2/10/14We are pleased to announce that we have signed Syracuse's  BLAMING HOLLYWOOD! We will produce a full length LP with them over the next few months and will post previews soon. In the meantime , check them out on FaceBook and catch their next show at the Spring for All Festival in Utica on April 12! More info will be released soon , and remember: They're BLAMING HOLLYWOOD, and you should too!